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Justice Reinvestment end of session funding

Our concerted end of session push for additional Justice Reinvestment funding in the Christmas Tree bill (Budget Rebalance bill – SB 5007) was successful! The bill contained an additional $5 million for Justice Reinvestment. It states:

$5 million for Justice Reinvestment grants, bringing the total to $40 million.

This bill was passed Friday afternoon before the holiday weekend. Thank you to board member Dave Williams, who sent out focused email communications to key legislative leaders on this issue.

Locally, this amount of statewide funding means just over $3 million per year for the Multnomah County Justice Reinvestment process to reduce the use of prison by funding local sanctions, services and treatment shown to be effective in reducing recidivism. Part of the legislation carves off a dedicated 10 percent for victim-related supports and services, as well as funds to measure outcomes and evaluate program effectiveness.

This funding marks an important milestone for us as advocates for a better justice system. The legislation in HB 3194 creates more system alignment and accountability in funding public safety outcomes. This reform effort has bipartisan supporters and champions that we have engaged with, including:

Representative Jennifer Williamson (champion and leader)

Representative Andy Olson

Representative Carla Piluso

Representative Gene Whisnant

Senator Jackie Winters

Senator Chip Shields

Representative Chris Gorsek

Representative Jeff Barker

Representative Wayne Krieger

Senator Alan Bates