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Troutdale Police consolidates with Multnomah County Sheriff


On Tuesday, June 30, Suzanne Hayden, Executive Director of the Citizens Crime Commission, attended the swearing in of Troutdale’s police officers as Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies. This ceremony brings to fruition an effort that began decades ago with a Public Safety 2000 plan led by the Crime Commission. The Public Safety 2000 plan states:

Charged by the elected officials of Multnomah County with identifying ways in which police services could be delivered more effectively in Multnomah County. After months of evaluations with major police agencies, support groups, and studies of police consolidations throughout the United States and Canada, these were the following recommendations.

Law enforcement consolidation seeks to improve safety services (with 24 hour coverage), reduce duplicating public expenses and achieve better coordination. Chief Scott Anderson and Mayor Daoust of Troutdale were instrumental in negotiating this consolidation with the Sheriff projected to save the citizens of Troutdale $1 million annually.

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