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Monique Menconi joins Home For Everyone Coordinating Board

Citizens Crime Commission member Monique Menconi was recently appointed to the Home For Everyone Coordinating Board and is offering an update from this months board meeting.

The Home For Everyone Coordinating Board (HFE) held their November board meeting on Wednesday and introduced a broad set of initiatives that will be further analyzed and recommended to the Executive Committee of HFE in December as part of a $30M fiscal uplift for the 2016-2017 budget year. Due to the recent declaration of a State of Emergency around the homeless crisis, the HFE Coordinating Board has been tasked to develop initiatives within a very short time frame that will achieve the following objectives:

(1)  reduce the 2017 point in time street count by 50%,

(2)  achieve 1,350 new housing placements,

(3) increase retention rates out of homelessness by 15%, and

(4) result in 1000 new preventions into homelessness.

Initiatives were developed by the four main HFE working groups:  Safety of the Streets, Workforce & Economic Opportunity, Housing, and Health. The HFE Coordinating Board is composed primarily of service providers in the community who receive federal and local funding, however there is a small amount of representation by business community members and concerned citizens. There is continued concern within the Coordinating Board that there is not a strategic plan to address health and safety concerns for the population living on the street this winter – currently estimated between 1300-1700 in our community. It is the desire of the Coordinating Board to have more immediate action with respect to temporary shelters and permitted encampments.

Background:  HFE is a community initiative led by executive leadership from the City of Portland, City of Gresham, and Multnomah County that is working in collaboration with service providers and the community at large to end homelessness. The primary role of the HFE Coordinating Board, whose members are appointed by the Executive Committee, is to develop and recommend investment and policy strategies to the Executive Committee and to provide oversight on the administration and management of HUD funding. The Board is expected to identify needs and gaps within the current system, recommend resources, advise on strategy and prioritization, and bring leadership and collaboration to the challenges of ending homelessness in our community.