For more than 25 years, the Citizens Crime Commission of Portland has commissioned studies, published reports, testified on major policy areas, and participated in countless legislative and advocacy efforts to improve our community and State. We encourage broad and diverse participation in our work groups, and we invite everyone to read the outcomes of our efforts.


Homeless Youth Prevention Task Force

When the Crime Commission learned that between 35 to 50 percent of Oregon’s foster kids (wards of the state) were being forced to the doorsteps of Oregon’s homeless youth providers, we organized a task force and partnered with the Juvenile Rights Project to pass Senate Bill 1034: Directing judges to institute a workable plan for an Oregon’s foster child before being released from the State to avoid the Oregon foster care system entirely.

Recidivism Reduction Task Force

The Oregon Department of Corrections defines recidivism as new felony conviction in Oregon within three years of being admitted to probation or released to parole, whether still on supervision or not.

Counter-Terrorism Task Force

Our conclusion was that it was time for us to move forward calmly, but with purpose, to determine the essential requirements for defense and response and provide the funding needed for implementation.

Kids Intervention Investment Delinquency Solutions (KIIDS)

The most effective and cost efficient way to reduce crime is to identify and intervene with high-risk children from pre-natal to 10 years of age, hoping to deter them from the more expensive criminal justice system. This ground breaking report is routinely cited and helped lead the way for the creation of the City of Portland’s Children’s Investment Fund, and Governor Kitzhaber’s passage of House Bill 3659: State Responsibility and Planning for Early Childhood Systems.

Portland Livability Committee (PLC)

The PLC and the Citizens Crime Commission were charged with examining policies and practices associated with the enforcement of “quality of life” crimes in the metro area. These crimes include nuisance offenses, such as graffiti, shop lifting and theft.

Homeless Youth Assessment Committee

In the summer of 1997, this committee was formed to address the homeless youth issue in downtown Portland. The vision was to help these kids transition to more stable housing through an integrated system of services.

Public Safety 2000

Charged by the elected officials of Multnomah County with identifying ways in which police services could be delivered more effectively in Multnomah County. After months of evaluations with major police agencies, support groups, and studies of police consolidations throughout the United States and Canada, these were the following recommendations.